DingDing's Kitchen (Wang's Da Fan)

Asian Foods

Cantonese Steamed Shrimp

Hangzhou Wrap

Green & White

Metan Tofu

Garlic Sprout & Bacon

Red & Yellow

Wang's Sichuan Potatoes

Metan Pepper Dish

Peng's Cucumber Salad

Fermented Long Beans

Double Cooked Pork

Shanghai Ribs and Bean Curds

Japanese Cabbage Salad

Western Foods

Spanish Roasted Bell Pepper Saladt

Shrimp Spinach Salad

Potato, Ham & Egg Skillet

Spanish Fish with Almond Sauce

Shrimp, Mushroom Potatoes, with Spinach Salad

Potato, Sausage and SunnySide Up Eggs Skillet

Red Wine Chicken

Austrian Paprika Chicken

Spanish Paprika Shrimp over Rice

Austrian Meat Patties

Rosemary Mushroom Shrimp Potato

Val's Magic Shrimp

Austrian Baked Mushrooms with Tartare Sauce

Spanish Parsely Chicken

Spanish Meatballs with Parsely Almond Sauce

Zuccini Shrimp

Zuccini Shrimp & Supreme Fried Rice

Didi's Oregano Chicken

Didi's Parsley Chicken

Ham & Asparagus

Russian Potato Salad

Val's Deviled Eggs